5 reasons why diversity always counts, especially in the working environment. Diversity is an advantage!

– Languages: you can use your language knowledge to solve cultural or linguistic problems. You can do so in the office or in the market, with your colleges or with costumers.

– Adaptability: multicultural means being able to show a high level of adaptability. You can fix your style and your mood according to different people and situations.

– Authenticity: diversity means having an original perspective and having your own opinions on leadership and creativity. Your point of view probably won’t be the majority’s.

-Open minded: you have had different experiences and probably know how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. For you it will be easier to understand and appreciate someone who follows Ramadan or who  doesn’t eat veal.

-Sensibility: If you are of a different origin to the place you reside in, especially in a country like Italy, you definitely have learnt to avoid incomprehension’s or at least manage to find solutions in such situations.