Five ways to positively “punch” the recruiter

-A good rule is to write an e- mail after the interview, expressing your interest in the position so that the recruiter remembers you. Your determination will be highlighted.

– Take care of your outfit: you don’t always need to be extremely formal. Every working environment has its own personality, you have to be able to get a hold of it.

-Pay attention to your standing: your behavior or your non verbal communication are very important because they will speak for you. Pay attention to the tone of your voice, your body structure and, please, look into your interlocutor’s eyes.

-Show personality, but be careful with the sense of humor:  let the recruiter be the first to use it!

– Be curious and open minded but make no superficial questions: show that you have previously studied the company profile and that you know what the job entails.

-Do you have any more questions? Feel free to write to us at Info@bonboard and insert “Punch a recruiter” in the e-mail subject.