Infostranieri: integration through a click

Italy could be the first country in Europe to have an app specifically dedicated to foreign people.

“Infostranieri is a free mobile app which will help immigrants’ integration in Italy, because it is their right”, quoted Bashkim Sejdiu, Albanese entrepreneur who has invested lots of time and resources developing this app, created ad hoc to facilitate the complicated Italian bureaucracy for immigrants.

Infostraneri is an idea created by Bashkim and other foreign people’s experiences: many queuing up nights to renew documents and not only, but also the feeling of not knowing if the process was going to have a good outcome. Instead, now with some institutions’ help, foreign people in Italy will be able to officialize their documentation and have access to other services with just a “click”, there will no longer be the need to go to the government offices, and most importantly, the immigrants will definitely understand all the information provided as of what they should do and what the requirements are, as Infostranieri is available in eight languages.

The app is organized in 5 main areas: procedures, embassies, news, associations and  freelancers. Every procedure is divided into kits in which you will find all the information and formats to start (and finish) the whole process.

At the moment and as the developer states “ this app is only runningat 5% of its potential, in the future I would like to include other services like the SOS button, which will allow people with problems to contact the authorities”. The SOS button will be extremely important for the weakest  groups in society, like women who suffer from gender violence, that in many cases don’t ask for help because they think they may lose their documentation/ID.

The app Infostranieri will obviously be a mean to simplify foreign people’s lives, but it is much more than that, it is a tool that will allow immigrants, i.e., 5 million people in Italy whorepresent  10% of the country’s GDP, to be the leaders of their own lives, because integration will cross theawareness of their own rights andof their own obligations.

For now, Bashkim is communicating with some official institutions to try and involve them in this interesting initiative. There are already some great possibilities of collaboration agreements and one of them could be a pilot project in Milan, that could later allow the app to be accessible from all over the country. So, let’s wait forthe “click”.