Multicultural Recruiter Network

B On Board has created the Multicultural Recruiter Network (MRN), the first professional network of ‘Multicultural Recruiter’ to support B On Board in seeking candidates for international positions in Italy and abroad. HR research is conducted in an innovative way, leveraging the innate international networking abilities of dozens of young professionals who have been involved in the MRN. Instead, the selection is handled by senior staff of B On Board in a traditional way, through interviews, tests, and talks.

The project is for B On Board of the utmost importance because it enables to effectively enhance the networking skills and capabilities of each of the participants, generating the critical mass and visibility necessary to bring out the value inherent in multiculturalism in the eyes of all.

B On Board is still selecting and forming new Multicultural Recruiter to engage in the MRN through public events, the activities of the ‘You Multicultural’ community (present on Facebook and MeetUp) and other communication channels.

If you are interested in participating in the MRN, fill out this form and we will contact you for the next training sessions (which will take place in 2017). Se sei interessato a partecipare alla MRN, compila questo modulo e ti contatteremo per i prossimi incontri di formazione (che si svolgeranno nel corso del 2017)