The right attitude for a perfect job interview

In the 50’s, Albert Mehrabian discovered that your communication impact is based predominately on the following variables: 7% in the use of words; 38% on the tone of your voice and inflections, and the remaining 55% refers to non verbal communication. That means that the perception people may have of you, depends on your body language, and it all happens very quickly, in the initial 4 minutes of a meeting.

 So, now that we know this, let’s take a look at how to prepare our non verbal communication during a job interview. From our point of view there are certain moments in which it is very important to show the best of you:

  1. Your entrance into the room

It’s better to reach 10 minutes early but not any earlier. Don’t ever be late and if it were to happen,  you must warn the recruiter ahead of time. SWITCH OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE.

Enter into the room with enthusiasm, smiling, look into the person’s eyes. Enthusiasm will help you hide the stress. Firmly shake their  hand: first wrap the counterpart’s hand and then tighten your grip, be careful to not hurt him/her. Some studies affirm that the handshake is a very important factor for the outcome of the job interview. Make sure your grip is strong!

  1. When you sit down

Before sitting down,  make sure to ask the recruiter where to sit, unless it’s clearly obvious. Good manners are important. If is your first time there and someone offers you something to drink, it’s better not to accept. Maintain a correct posture while sitting: sit upright and ensure your feet touch the ground. Put your hands on the armrest and keep them free unless you want to take notes, in which case you can use a pen and paper, but make sure you are not creating a barrier between you and the recruiter.

  1. The interview

Don’t be too relaxed nor too rigid. Stay upright with your back touching the seatback. Gently recline your body towards the recruiter, because that will show your interest in the subject. Make sure your movements are controlled and not too abrupt and keep your shoulders back. Nodding your head will show which are the topics that most interest you and remember that the recruiter will pick up all these signals.